It's hard being the child of a Hollywood dealmaker—on one hand you get to have all those cool celebrities pop in at your bat mitzvahs, but on the other, Ari Emanuel just made daddy get rid of his second assistant, so now who's going to make your scale model of the solar system for the Harvard-Westlake science fair? Luckily, the top talent agencies have all united in their quest to make the lives of poor little rich kids significantly more enriching, if only for this spookiest of days.

As The Hollywood Reporter states, the big four agencies—CAA, WME, UTA, and ICM—will all be taking a break from earning 10% of your paycheck to ring in Halloween one day early, in various ways. As it goes with agencies, this Halloween celebration has become less about teaching children how to beg for food from people they've never met, and more a scary tale of one-upmanship.

CAA, because it the best and most evil agency, will naturally be putting on the best and most evil celebration, by decorating each one of its eight floors in elaborate Hollywood themes: The Wizard of Oz's Emerald City and The Addams Family mansion to name a few. Agents children will then be brought in to trick-or-treat the eight floors and watch movies in their screening room. All stale leftovers and garbage candy (looking at you, Brachs gummies) will be donated to overseas troops. A photo from last year's celebration:

Lesser rival WME was too busy this October making crappy videos, and now will only be offering trick or treating, but it seems that all Halloween decorations are at ones own wherewithal. Which isn't to say they haven't gotten into the Halloween spirit:

Meanwhile, UTA will be putting on its first annual "Halloween Eve Haunt" today and hosting a carnival complete with games, a costume parade, and free food for the adorable offspring of people who make well over six figures a year. Only ICM Partners realizes that being rich and throwing very public parties for yourself is perhaps poor form: they are hosting families of Los Angeles military veterans to go trick or treating through their L.A. office today, while their New York office will be doing the same tomorrow for children from a Bronx-based education nonprofit.

Got any pictures from the various agency Halloween celebrations? Send them here—all submissions will be kept anonymous. Happy Halloween!

[Images via Instagram, Twitter]