What follows is not actually by Hilary Duff, except in the sense that I am pouring my heart out and what is appearing on the page is the savage essence of Hilary Duff.

Hiya, I'm Hilary Duff, erstwhile star of the hit Disney channel series Lizzie McGuire, and guess what: I love it. I recently told Elle about all the reasons I love it, which include: I just moved to Brooklyn, I'm 5'2", I'm really fit, killing it in the gym, and doing crazy things. And I have a large son!

I moved to Brooklyn so I could film my new TV series Younger (for TV Land!), which is edgy, like Brooklyn. Haha. As I explained to Elle:

...It's edgy. I would definitely say the show gets a lot edgier as it goes on.

And also:

[TV Land has another] show coming out called Teachers that looks hilarious. It's about a group of degenerate teachers who should not be teaching our youth, and it's really edgy. Our show is really edgy, too.

Like, for example:

There's an episode coming up in which we're going to all do Molly. It's like, "What? On TV Land?" I also did this episode last week where my character decides to go green. She doesn't want to use tampons anymore so she uses this thing called a Diva Cup, but, on our show, it's called a Goddess Cup.

Cup in the vagina? What? Off-brand cup? On TV Land? Anyway, Brooklyn. You may be saying "Hilary Duff? Brooklyn? What?" I used to say that too.

I'd actually never been to Brooklyn before I started apartment hunting.

Now I'm like, I love it. But also:

With all the [Brooklyn] moms I'm like, "Wait a minute, Are you 20 or 50?" I can't tell.

Literally cannot tell. I love meeting people, though, and I don't judge, and I don't make educated guesses.

Speaking of moms of ages unknown, I've noticed that a lot of women in New York are skinny, but I don't let myself get down about it. I'm really fit, killing it, doing crazy things, and busy.

I just tell myself, "I'm 5'2", I'm really fit, killing it in the gym, and doing crazy things." I love to work out, but I'm just not that concerned with being the skinniest person. ... I always feel like I'm in the five to ten pound struggle, but my life is so busy. I'm just not that concerned, really. I'm normal and I'm perfectly happy being that way.

You know?

Sometimes I'm like:

Man, my clothes are fitting so good.


And sometimes I'm like, people are so rude.

Someone on Twitter the other day was like, "OMG, I just saw Hilary Duff. She's adorable, but I forgot she's a midget!" I'm like, "That is not nice and not politically correct at all."


But mostly, I love it. I love my job:

It's fun!

The TV Land network:

This year they decided to come like gangsters; their show line-up looks amazing.

My co-star Sutton Foster:

Sutton's just brilliant and, honestly, she does look so young.

My apartment:

I live in a really cute neighborhood...

My large two-year-old son:

I have a large son! He's huge!

And his appearance relative to my own:

I'm 5'2" and I've got a kid that looks almost four years old? I'll take it!

I'll take it!

[Image via www.splashnews.com]