There are a few turns of phrase penned within the past decade that, one can guess, will echo throughout history with timeless grace: “#winning,” “my wife,” “who is also a lion,” “conscious uncoupling.” It seems one writer, though, is attempting to distance herself from her classic saying.

In a recent interview with Fast Company, Goop founder, actor, cookbook woman, conscious uncoupler, and apple mother Gwyneth Paltrow discussed what it’s like for her Goop staff when terms like “vaginal steaming” and “conscious uncoupling” go viral for the wrong reasons:

“When something like that happens, I think everybody is like, ‘Oh, shit,’” she says. “I just tell them that I think we are creating interesting discussions.”

Same. In tandem with this zen totem to Internet chillness, Paltrow clarified that “we,” in certain cases, means, uh, well—not Gwyneth Paltrow. “Conscious Uncoupling,” she claims, the new-agey divorce term-cum-hack joke you know so well, was the work of Goop’s editorial director Elise Loehnen:

Take, for example, that legendary term, which became a Goop headline that Paltrow didn’t even write. “When I announced that I was separating on the website, [Loehnen] titled the piece ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ and I had no idea,” Paltrow says.

The term “conscious uncoupling” itself, Fast Company explains, was created not by Gwyneth Paltrow nor her editorial director, but by therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas. Damn. It’s almost as if Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t actually have anything to do with any of this!

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