Does the air feel a bit heavier? Does the ground underneath your feet feel as though it could open up and swallow you whole at any moment? Does your heart feel a bit...heavier? Well, my friend, it may be because Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow—public figures, parents to Apple and Moses (humans)—have officially filed for divorce.

“Wait—they hadn’t done that already?” you might be thinking. No. I can understand why you might think they’d already filed for divorce, as we’ve been hearing about their divorce for what feels like, at this point, most of our lives, but it seems as though they hadn’t. TMZ reports the paperwork was signed and filed yesterday:

As for the terms of the deal ... we’re told it will not be revealed in the divorce docs ... it’s all part of a confidential settlement. But based on how they’ve gotten along since the split, it’s almost certain they’ll share joint custody of their 2 kids.

But will they still go on vacation together frequently?

Hmm. We can only assume: yes. For sure they will never stop going on vacation together frequently.

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