Jennifer Lawrence loves pizza, I bet. She seems like the type: chill, fun, etc. But how much pizza did she order one time recently, while she was hanging out with a purported new beau as, I can only guess, someone looked on from the bushes in order to report the event to the Daily News? If you had to guess?

The man in the story is director and producer Gabe Polsky, not that it matters. Do you have your guess in mind?

Read on!

The two were spotted hanging out at his residence for about five hours, with Lawrence departing later that night. During their time together, the duo ordered pizza – not once, but twice.

"They ordered a couple of pizzas and about 30 minutes later another delivery man came with more pizza," the source said.

The answer, once again: Jennifer Lawrence ordered multiple pizzas spread across two different orders! Please leave your score in the comments.

(I guess the question is more accurately, "Guess how many times Jennifer Lawrence ordered pizza on the same night, the first time—assuming there is a first time—ordering 'a couple,' all following times ordering an unspecified amount." Anyway. Did you get it right?)

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