If we've learned anything so far this year it's that the newly and heavily pro-friendship Taylor Swift really loves Haim. The indie rock superstars were punching above their weight class mugging it up with A-list celebs at Taylor's birthday, and recently the three sisters went on vacation with her to Hawaii. This summer, they'll open up for Swift on a handful of dates on her 1989 tour. Fingers crossed Alana Haim will be cool if one of her exes ends up tagging along.

That ex is singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr., a shaggy-haired burgeoning indie rock heartthrob who looks like a stereotypical "sensitive" dude who stays glued to his acoustic guitar, and, additionally, a stereotypical "man" Taylor Swift is alleged to have dated.

Jesso Jr. and Alana allegedly dated for a bit last year—here is a photo of the two of them she posted on Tumblr in December.

Alas, the rumor in indie rock circles is that Jesso Jr. is currently hooking up with Ms. Haim's newly anointed best friend Swift. I'd heard about the alleged coupling through the grapevine—but the news was first broken by a website called heatcelebnews.com, which wrote on Tuesday that the two were "aggressively making out" at a post-Grammys party:

The incident went down at a private house party to celebrate Sam Smith's Grammys success, and a friend of heat was in the room. "Taylor was going wild – she was aggressively making out with Tobias," they tell us. "Alana was watching the whole thing but, bizarrely, she didn't seem to mind."

Is this true? Who knows! It is perhaps a little suspicious heatcelebnews.com's post was deleted at some point and can only currently be read via Google Cache.

That said, it seems like the Alana is still tight with Jesso Jr., so maybe everyone will be very cool and mature about him getting it in with one of her best friends. Either way, let's nobody tell Karlie Kloss.

[image via Getty]