Jon Hamm, who plays a charismatic monster on television, works overtime when not being Don Draper in order to assure the adoring public that he's a charming, funny, lovable man. But it turns out that when he was a frat boy at University of Texas in the '90s, Hamm was like plenty of frat boys, and the man he plays on television, which is to say: a charismatic monster.

According to documents first discovered by Star Magazine, Hamm was one of seven brothers of Sigma Nu arrested in 1990 for the particularly brutal hazing of an unnamed pledge.

Via Radar:

The court documents claim that Hamm and his fellow Sigma Nu frat brothers struck a prospective pledge with a wooden paddle more than 30 times on that night. They also allegedly picked him up by his underwear and "pulled it back and forth in a sawing motion," causing "great pain." Hamm even set the pledge's pants on fire, the documents claim, "and would not let [the pledge] extinguish the flame with his hand but made [him] blow it out.

Via Daily Mail:

The pledge then claimed that Hamm led him to a basement 'Pit' where he slammed the junior's face into the ground while he was doing push-ups and then allegedly stood on his spine with his full weight.

Rubbing the pledge's asshole raw, lighting his pants on fire and nearly paralyzing him were actually some of the kinder things Hamm and his cohorts allegedly did that night.

Next, the documents claim, Hamm "hooked the claw of a hammer underneath [the pledge's] genitals and led him by the hammer around the room." He rounded out the night by breaking into the apartment of another pledge, the documents claim, "in order to bring [him] to the fraternity house" to subject him to "similar hazing activity."

Maybe Jon Hamm should next lend his velvet voice and winning smile to a reboot of Saw?

The next day, the pledge was reportedly found hiding in a closet with bruises all over his ass and legs. As a result, three Sigma Nu members served 30 days in prison, and the fraternity was temporarily kicked off campus. An arrest warrant was issued for Hamm in 1992, but Radar reports that the charges against him were dismissed three years later, after he reached a plea deal with authorities.

Hamm has not responded to the allegations, but everything has already worked out for him, so it's fine.

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