Well-known one-time Clippers season ticket holder, Obamacare skeptic, and purported domestic abuser Frankie Muniz remained silent during the controversy engulfing team owner Donald Sterling. Until now.

In 2011, Frankie Muniz allegedly punched his girlfriend in the back of her head and threw her into a wall. Here are his thoughts on the Clippers, the team he has loved since 1994 (sure). He hopes kids will learn which actions are not "acceptable":

I became a L.A. Clippers fan in 1994. How does a kid born in New Jersey, raised in North Carolina become a Clippers fan you may ask? Well, thank NBA Live '94 on Super Nintendo for that. To be honest, they were the only team that I didn't know who any of the players on the team were, so I didn't mind deleting them and making myself, my mom, dad and my cats (Polly and Pete) the new starting lineup for the team on the game. From that day forward in 1994, I have been a die-hard Clippers fan.

I spent many days going to every sports store I could to find any Clippers memorabilia, but back then, it was pretty much impossible. So when I did find something, I bought everything I could that had a Clippers logo on it.

In 1999, I flew to Los Angeles to film the pilot of "Malcolm In The Middle" and the ONLY thing I wanted to do was to get a chance to see the Clippers in person at the old L.A. Sports Arena. I still to this day own the Pooh Richardson jersey and shorts I bought at the game. I always stated as a young teen in interviews my dream was to one day own the L.A. Clippers!

When "Malcolm In The Middle" was picked up and I officially moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles, I became a season ticket holder and made it to every game during the 2000-2008 seasons. I remember begging the producers of "Malcolm" to move my filming schedule around to make sure I could be out in time to make the games. Crazy, but I didn't want to miss a minute of it. In 2008, I moved away from Los Angeles to live in Phoenix, AZ, so although I do not attend the games anymore, I've still been as big a fan as ever.

Keep in mind, the Clippers had some ROUGH years. Living in Los Angeles as a Clippers fan was not easy. I was constantly ridiculed over being a fan of the "bad" L.A. team. That never bothered me. To me, all the losses made the rare win that much more enjoyable. I always used to say, one day, the Clippers will be in the position where they could win a NBA Championship, and as a super fan, I could not wait for that day.

Well, that day has come. This year, the Clippers have their best team and chance to put up a fight and win the Championship. Finding Clippers fans, and memorabilia in sports stores is not rare anymore, in fact, it has become the hot ticket in Los Angeles.

I am a Clippers fan. I've never been a fan of the owner. I never wanted the team to win for the owner. I am a fan of the players, the coaches, and I root for the team to win for the fans. Clipper Nation. I root for the team to win for themselves. For their dreams and aspirations.

That being said, I'm disgusting by the things said by Owner Donald Sterling. In no way, shape or form is what he said acceptable and definitely should not be tolerated by anyone. I feel badly for the players, coaches and all members of the Los Angeles Clippers staff. They have worked incredibly hard to put together an amazing team. I feel bad that although the things said by Donald Sterling do not reflect their personal views, they are unfortunately having to be associated with his despicable, hurtful words. I'm also devastated for all the fans. Being a Clippers fan has never been easy, but this has tarnished the joy this season has brought to the fans who have stuck behind this team through thick and thin. The NBA Playoffs are an amazing experience, and it's a shame this cloud is hanging over them. There is no place in the NBA for people like Donald Sterling. I think the punishment the NBA has imposed on him was well warranted.

When I see ‪#‎BoycottClippers‬ trending, it hurts. When you boycott the Clippers, Donald Sterling is not the only to suffer. The players do, the coaches do, all the Clippers staff does. The people working at the arena, selling hot dogs, taking tickets.. they suffer too. They shouldn't. Mr. Sterling should and we can only hope that the sanctions passed down onto him will cause that suffering.

I hope the fans come out and continue to support this team. Help this team continue to win. Show that everyone, all races, genders, can come together and BEAT his racist remarks. I believe the longer the team can win, the more this will remain a conversation in which we can continue to learn from and teach to ALL generations that actions like his will not be acceptable.

Also, he's buying the team!

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