Rihanna is incredible for a number of reasons, no doubt, but is one of those reasons that she is psychic? Maybe.

Speaking to WSJ Magazine, Cara Delevingne—beautiful Cara Delevingne—expressed her sadness over losing a part in a Beach Boys film that didn’t end up being made:

“I was heartbroken,” she says. “With modeling, if someone else gets a job, I’m like, Yeah, of course, there are so many better models. But with acting, you grow such an attachment to each role.”

It is sad, truly. Would Cara Delevingne ever pick herself back up? If you would have asked me at the time, I would have said, “I don’t know—maybe this is the end for Cara Delevingne.” I would have continued, “Maybe losing the part in this Beach Boys movie that didn’t end up being made is the final nail in the coffin of Cara Delevingne’s very successful career as a supermodel, actress, singer, etc., etc., basically whatever else she feels like she wants to do—she does whatever she wants and everyone loves her for it because she is perfect. I’m not complaining.” That’s what I would have said.

Not Rihanna, though. Rihanna knew:

Distraught after the film was scrapped, she called Rihanna, who told her, “Everything happens for a reason. You are going to call me back up in a week or two, and you are going to say to me, ‘You are right.’ ” Soon after, Delevingne landed Paper Towns, partly on the recommendation of a producer involved with the Beach Boys project.

Damn. Is Rihanna psychic?

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