Nearly a month ago, Ellen Pompeo unleashed a devastating tweet attack against Daniel Craig—a tweet attack so thoroughly ruinous that not a single celebrity news media outlet was left standing in its wake, each sent shivering to a filthy grave, covered in dirt and shit. Now she’s finally owning up to her outrage.

You might remember the result of Pompeo’s unquenchable thirst for destruction:

WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH! (Imagine these headlines are flying across your screen.)

The world came to a standstill. Ellen Pompeo. What is this force—this Ellen?


Finally, Pompeo spoke to Us Weekly about her dreaded tweet—Us Weekly, an outlet that has struggled each day since the attack, finally standing once again, but, to all left able and willing to see, a ghost of its former self.

Pompeo spoke:

“Listen, I feel bad about that.”

Etc., etc.

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