In a recent interview with New Zealand's ZM Online, singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran revealed a few things: in addition to being a troubadour, he's a cock connoisseur; he thinks One Direction's Harry Styles has a big dick; and said photo proving Styles's hung status was leaked onto the internet a few years ago by Styles himself. Via Towleroad, 'av a watch, guvnuh:

Note that when the photo leaked a few years ago, Styles, then 17, denied it was of him. I'm not going to post or link to a supposed picture of a nude 17-year-old, but if you were to stumble upon it, you would see that the photo depicts a penis that is not erect. From it, we can extract very little information about the actual functioning size of said cock.

I guess if a flaccid cock were 12 inches, then sure, you could look at it and know you'd hit the jackpot. The dick in question is not 12 inches. A dick that looks decently sized soft may be a deceptive dick. It may have been fluffed by its owner or taken right after the point of ejaculation when it's pointing down but is still mostly engorged (oldest dick pic trick in the book). Six inches is way more impressive hanging than it is when standing at attention (but respectable, either way—no judgement here). You can't tell shit from a picture of a soft dick. Sometimes you can't tell very much from a picture of hard dick, depending on when it was taken or what angle was used. Some dicks grow slowly over time. I could tell you stories about seemingly endlessly growing dicks that would make your hair curl or straighten, depending on its natural state.

Maybe Sheeran knows something we don't, but if he's just going by what he thinks is a picture of Styles's penis (and old gossip about Styles being its source), he's no authority. If I'm to believe that Styles has a big dick, I'm gonna need better receipts. Hard copies of hard receipts featuring hard dicks in the place of itemized prices.

(I'm most curious about Liam's dick, though. I bet it's as beautiful as he is.)

Anyway, here is a Tumblr devoted to Harry Styles's bulge (and chub—supposedly). Nope, still not impressed.

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