What happens when your ideas of male coolness are unquestioned from 9th grade into your late 30s, and you're rewarded with great fame and wealth no matter how obnoxiously you behave? You become Diplo, the music industry's preeminent DJ and foremost prickwad.

The latest reason to despise Diplo is also probably the most substantial. After an artist named Rebecca Mock complained on Twitter that some of her work had been used in a Diplo performance without consent or credit, his response was atrocious. Here's their exchange:

It's not even that this is abhorrent and disgusting (it is both) but Diplo's idea of a casual joke appears to be "eating out a woman and massaging her boobs at the same time while ripping off her artwork." Haha yea man, what do u want me to do about it tho, smoke a huge bong onstage and drop the beat while I fuck a pussy real good? Yea man...

In tweeting what he did, of course, Diplo declined to stick to polite norms when he easily could have done what actually would've been cool: asking Mock if it was OK to use her material and then maybe paying her. Or really anything other than publicly sexually harassing her.

But at least it's nothing personal against Mock:

His whole Twitter feed is really a stroll down dipshit boulevard:

Never trust anyone who retweets his groupies.

These instances aren't just examples of Diplo being a dick, they're occasions of Diplo playing sweet music to his dick base. With EDM standing in as the new default tool-bro background music of Western civilization, it's natural that their Coachella God-King would lead by generally acting like a undeveloped wad. Let's not forget how often Diplo took credit for ex-girlfriend M.I.A.'s music, only to call her crazy afterwards:

There is no need to bring up M.I.A. to Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, the DJ-producer-ex-boyfriend who was instrumental in her success. Pentz will do it on his own. At first it's complimentary in a conversation about Coachella. "I saw M.I.A. play there two years ago and it was probably one of the most amazing shows I ever saw," he says. But then: "Last year she played, too, and it was kind of lame." Ask him if they're friends and the answer is, "No, no, no. Not anymore. No one in my camp talks to her anymore. She's kind of really gone crazy."

Since the heady days of that relationship, Diplo has become known less for his production work and more for being a tool on a stage at expensive and miserable music festivals, the high priest of sunburned college guys in fluorescent tank tops who say "jawn" and build Skrillex playlists. In fact, Skrillex and Diplo have become close musical partners—it was one of their "Jack Ü" collaboration projects that snatched Rebecca Mock's artwork.

So what we have here is an overpaid DJ who's helped popularize EDM, is obnoxious to women, dates Katy Perry, shit-talks Taylor Swift, and named his son fucking "Lazer."

Diplo is a dick. You should never let him massage your boobs even if he eats you out at the same time.

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