There comes a time in every young man's life when he must strike out on his own. For Aubrey Graham, that time was 2009, when he left the Canadian band Degrassi to become a rapper named Drake. For Zayn Malik, that time was last week, when he quit One Direction to...also become a rapper named Drake?

It sounds a little loopy, but Hollywood Life is reporting that Drake heavily influenced Zayn to quit the band and start a solo career. "He's really been listening to a lot of Drake's stuff, and has been inspired by his work and wants to channel a little bit of that," a source—Zayn himself?—explains. "He's hoping that some of the [Drake] magic will rub off on him, and he'll be able to put together an album to rival his inspiration in the R&B charts."

Sounds like a plan. Conveniently enough, producer Naughty Boy released Zayn's first solo demo on Twitter last night, which is called "I Won't Mind." It sounds like Drake if Drake was actually the best singer in his college a capella group who decided to do a Bon Iver cover for fun.

That is to say, it sounds nice :). Best wishes, Zayn.

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