In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview, rumors have swirled regarding the alleged re-shooting of tearful Kris Jenner scenes for E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce two-part special. In light of this controversy, Gawker called on an expert to determine exactly when the footage was filmed.

No one is better at keeping up with the Kardashians than Mariah Smith, the eagle-eyed vigilante behind Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors, a Tumblr devoted to obsessively tracking the out-of-sequence filming dates of E!’s most financially valuable family. Using paparazzi photos, entertainment articles, and the family’s own Instagram accounts, Smith lays bare a detailed shooting schedule after every episode airs.

The public demanded to see the receipts about About Bruce; Smith brought an entire filing cabinet. What follows is her comprehensive assessment.

On Sunday and Monday night’s episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce, the A-plot was Bruce’s transition; the B-plot was the Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors staff picking up their emotionally drained bodies off the floor; and the C-plot was Kim Kardashian’s mission to come for every Civil Rights activist’s wig.

As with past episode recaps, KUWTKE will refer to Bruce using male pronouns until he decides to publicly slay the madam/sis/queen/female pronoun game. #LetsDoIt

Part I:

Scene 1/Cold Open: Filmed on January 7, 2015

At Khloe’s house, Kim visits and watches Khloe pack presents for Bruce. Thankfully, after 10 long seasons, E! finally put chyrons up to let us know who Kim and Khloe were! We were so confused this whole time. Khloe got Bruce shoes, because he told her “She” doesn’t have enough. That may be true and all, but we really hope the jumping off point isn’t a a red patent leather, ankle strap pump or a mid-calf, lace-up, black leather boot. Khloe’s glam styling tells us this scene was filmed on January 7, 2015, the day she attended a Lakers game with Cara Delevingne.

Scene 2: Filmed on January 13, 2015

Khloe visits confirmed Republican Bruce Jenner at his house in Malibu. E! gifted us with another rare chyron, showing the actual, real, live date this scene was filmed!! As per E!’s gift, we know this was filmed on January 13, 2015.

Khloe has her gifts for Bruce but admits that she doesn’t know Her tastes yet. Bruce says he doesn’t really know Her tastes either. He’s beyond appreciative of Khloe’s gesture, and opens the presents. The great news for Bruce is that Khloe went back to the drawing board and got Her some sleeker and better looking white heels that even match Khloe’s.

Khloe’s little sister Kendall arrives, and Khloe gets down to some serious talk. She asks Bruce if he feels better now that more people know about know about—what Khloe initially understands as—his desire to dress like a woman. Bruce tells his daughters that it’s like a burden has been lifted.

Things take a turn when Khloe asks if he plans on not being Bruce at some point. Instead of a definitive yes, he says it’s “quite possible.” Khloe and Kendall’s faces draw in, shooting him a look that reads simply: “SIR.”

Apparently, they were under the impression that Bruce only wanted to dress like a woman, not that he was transitioning. Khloe asks Bruce when his transition will happen and when Bruce will live full time as Her. This little player, Bruce, who doesn’t care for Khloe’s questions says, “probably in the spring.” Kendall and Khloe are surprised at how soon his full transition will occur. Khloe tells Bruce, through tears, that she doesn’t care that he wants to transition, she cares that he’s not keeping it one hundred and being fully open and honest.

Scene 3: Filmed on January 13, 2015

Still at Bruce’s house, Kendall leaves to get a tissue, and Khloe follows her into the kitchen. Bruce comes in shortly after. Bruce tries to reiterate that that he’s not abandoning them, and that he’s not going anywhere.

Khloe interjects and tells him that his lack of honesty is hurting them. Before she can say too much, Bruce gives Khloe the honesty she’s seeking and says he really only cares about Kendall and Kylie’s emotions. Welp.

Khloe when she finds out Bruce doesn’t eff with her emotions.

Had it not been for the Tribal Council music playing in the background, you could have heard one of Her ponytail holders drop in Bruce’s kitchen.

Kendall when she finds out Bruce effs with her emotions, but not Khloe’s.

Choosing to move forward, Khloe tells Bruce that they’re all passionate and emotional. She advises him to hold a family meeting with his children. He agrees. Like Scene 2, this was filmed on January 13, 2015.

Scene 4: Filmed on January 14, 2015

Kim visits Bruce, carrying what looks like North’s purse. Bruce tells Kim that the previous night Kendall and Khloe came over, and their communication was AWOL. Though Kim is understanding of Bruce’s hesitations, she just asks that he keep the family “in the loop.” Bruce understands, but he says it’s tough, because he has a lot of secrets.

On the subject of secrets, Bruce shows Kim his impeccably painted toe nails. Unsurprisingly, Kim is shocked.

Bruce tells Kim he does all his own glam, and claims he could even do hers. Kim laughs like a Sephora employee just offered to contour her face, and visually tells Bruce, bitch you could never.

Though he’s had his issues in the past few scenes, Bruce says he’s ready to be fully honest with the family. Kim’s heard rumors, and asks Bruce if he’s going to fully become a woman. Bruce pauses, says yes, and that he sees himself in the future that way. As a 2007 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Media Training University (MTU), Kim tells Bruce that in order to not seem like a liar, he needs to not hesitate when answering that question. According to Kim, all it takes is 4 seconds to seem like a liar, or like you’re wildin’, depending on the company you keep. Bruce also tells Kim that he’s made the “appointment” for his changes, and that he’s going to be interviewed by the Queen Mother Good Sis. Diane Sawyer. The impetus behind his interview is that he doesn’t want the tabloids to control his story or exploit his family. Yassss, “I HAD THE STORY,” yasss!!!

Kim when she hears Diane Sawyer’s name.

Though E!’s date chyron budget was spent on Scene 2, Kim’s crop top reveals both her midriff as well as the fact that this episode was filmed on January 14, 2014; the day after Bruce’s chat with Khloe and Kendall, and the same day Kim spoke highly of honesty in Episode 9, Scene 15.

Scene 5: Filmed on January 19, 2015

Kim visits Kris at Kris Jenner’s house. Apparently, all this emotion has caused Kris to take to her bed in silk pajamas and a full face of make-up. Present enough to make chatter for the cameras, Kris asks Kim how it went at Bruce’s house. Kim tells her mom that she learned some surprising new things regarding Bruce’s “transformation,” but that she still wants to support him. Kris hears that from Kim, but tears up saying she wants her kids to be okay, because she’s not.

Kris Jenner, who is divorced from Bruce Jenner, says that the bulk of the reason why she’s not okay is because she’s “committed to this life.”

In the moments after Kris’s eleventh hour Hail Mary pass at commitment, Kim compares Bruce’s transition to being pregnant, explaining that when she was pregnant, she felt like a roly-poly who couldn’t get out of bed or wipe herself. Hol’up, roll the tape back: Kim explains that when she was pregnant, she felt like a roly-poly who couldn’t get out of bed or wipe herself. WE NEED TO KNOW WHO WAS WIPING KIM’S BEHIND WHEN SHE WAS WITH CHILD! WHO HAD THAT STORY, HUH BRUCE, WHO HAD IT AND WHERE IS DIANE!?!?!

Unfortunately, we digress. Kim goes on to say that while she only had to feel uncomfortable and unlike herself for less than a year, Bruce has had to feel that way his whole life. It’s possible Kim minored in “Left of Center but Passibly Politically Correct Analogies to Describe the Process of Transitioning” at MTU, because her comparison might have been a little off base but not entirely unfounded. MTU’s course load seems fantastic!

It has been highly speculated that this tear-soaked scene was filmed after Bruce’s Diane Sawyer interview to gain sympathy on the part of Madame “No Comment” (Kris Jenner), but, by sourcing Kim’s glam, hair, and wardrobe seen both here and in later scenes in this episode and the next we can confirm that this scene was indeed filmed months before the interview aired, on January 19, 2015.

Scene 6: Filmed on January 15, 2015

At Kendall’s house with Kendall and Kylie, Kim takes a call from her mother Kris Jenner. Kris asks Kim if she knew about the Diane Sawyer interview. Kim says she did, but only found out the day before when she visited Bruce. Kim also tells Kris that Bruce wants her (Kim) in the meetings for the interview, as the representative for their side of the family.

Kim gets off of the phone with Kris so she can update her sisters on the Diane Sawyer interview. Kim first gives some background on the publicist Bruce is working with; it’s the same person who stopped this story from coming out in the ‘80s after someone “caught” Bruce with wigs and other traditionally female garments as he was traveling. This publicist told Bruce that this time around he needs to do a serious interview with a serious reporter to gain legitimacy.

Kim, caught between her support for Bruce and her love for her mom, breaks down in tears. Above all else, we need our readers to know that Kim’s cry face is proof that money and botox can’t buy you everything! #KimKardashianCryFace2015.

After looking at Kim cry, Kendall and Kylie all agree that in the future this will be a great thing for Bruce. Kendall is already in awe of his future motivational speeches. This was a busy day for Kim - this was filmed on January 15, 2015, the same day she talked to Kylie about her lips in Episode 9, Scene 16 while wearing a jacket.

Scene 8: Filmed on January 19, 2015

The same day Kim talks to a pajama-clad Kris (above, Scene 5), Bruce gathers all of his camera friendly children together in Malibu to talk more about his transition. Khloe kicks it off, and tells her sisters that she and Kendall just found out (2 days prior, above, Scene 2) that Bruce plans to fully transition in the spring, and that he claims to have told all of them this already. Khloe’s still pissed, and her sisters confirm that they never heard that either. On the other hand, they also don’t want Bruce to feel attacked.

Bruce tries to defend himself and says he didn’t lie, he just withheld the truth. Well...a lie is...NVM. Kim just wants to start a more open dialogue with Bruce regarding his transition. The girls ask if he has an official date for his debut as Her. Bruce doesn’t, but he does know how to lighten the mood by talking about his plastic surgeries.

Khloe isn’t here for it, and is seen typing on her phone. Even though E!’s date chyron budget ran out, they did have some funds set aside for a text bubble. Khloe shows Kendall what she wrote.

Bruce understands his issues with honesty when it comes to the topic of his transition, but explains that he’s only being cagey because he loves his children so much and doesn’t ever want to hurt them. He also confesses that he can’t be sure if he’s handling this correctly, because “there’s no right way to do this.” This emotional minefield was filmed on January 19, 2015.

Part II

Scene 1: Filmed on January 19, 2015

In a continuation of Episode 10, Scene 8, Bruce’s daughters, Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim continue their conversation with Bruce. Bruce tells the girls that after his next facial surgeries, he’s pretty much done, and will then see how comfortable he feels living full time as Her. The conversation gets very open and honest, when Kim asks Bruce whether or not he will get a full gender reassignment surgery and if he enjoyed having sex with their mother. Bruce claims he did enjoy sexual relations with Kris Jenner.

Bruce also tells the girls that they will know when they should start referring to him as Her, because bae will be bad and there will be no mistaking Her for Bruce. His daughters cheekily suggest he start going by “Mad,” a mixture between “Mom,” and “Dad,” and because “he’s a little bit crazy.” Like Episode 10, Scene 8 this was filmed on January 19, 2015.

Scene 3: Filmed on February 17, 2015

Jumping ahead nearly a month, Kourtney’s husband Scott Disick visits Bruce in Malibu to conduct a pre-interview for Diane Sawyer. Both parties admit that they’re not close, but both parties have contracts to fulfill, so here we are. After being completely in the dark for a decade, Scott has a lot of questions for Bruce. Scott asks about how butch Bruce will be as a woman, and if he will still golf. Through some more questions from Scott, Bruce admits that he wanted to move to the hills of Santa Barbara, but didn’t want to run again. Scott agrees that Bruce shouldn’t have to leave his home, and extends his wishes for a happier, more comfortable, less pissed Bruce in the future. The pre-interview concludes, and Scott is happy Bruce is transitioning, because after all of these years he thought Bruce had an issue with him, when in reality Bruce had an issue with himself. This is journalism, folks! Take notes!! This interview was filmed on February 17, 2015.

Scene 4: Filmed on January 28, 2015

Meanwhile, back in January, at Khloe’s house, Kendall and Khloe wait for Bruce. Kendall invited him because he wants to apologize to Khloe. Wise young Kendall asks her big sister to be nice to Bruce, since this is most likely harder on him than it is on them. Khloe agrees that she was probably too harsh on Bruce, but maintains that she was upset about his lies. In Khloe’s words, she was mad “that he was proceeding with something, but telling us something completely different, until we cornered him.” Um, hello, Khloe, Sis. that may as well be the tagline for us over here at KUWTKE! Kendall and Khloe’s chat was filmed on January 28, 2015. Tensions must have been running high in Episode 8 when Khloe and Bruce went to Pismo Beach, only two days prior on 01/26/15.

Scene 5: Filmed on January 28, 2015

Bruce arrives and immediately asks if Khloe is okay. Khloe reiterates that he needs to be more honest, and not withhold information. Bruce says that he understands her feelings of grief. He explains that he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but adds he has to honor his feelings and live his life. In a very articulate moment, Bruce confesses that his love for them, and desire not to hurt them, sometimes overshadows his ability to be completely honest. We completely feel Bruce on all of this. What we don’t feel are these transition lenses.

Khloe seems to grasp his emotions, but emphasizes that she wants him to share this journey with the family. This means a lot to Bruce, who reveals that, even through all the pain, he feels optimistic about the future. This is partly due to a great conversation he had earlier in the day with his mother, whom he has just told about his transition. Bruce had never been that close to his mother, but his admission brought them together a little more, a dynamic foreshadowed earlier in the episode (though temporally it occurred weeks later) by his sit-down with Scott. Like Scene 4, this was filmed on January 28, 2015.

Scene 6: Filmed on Janary 22, 2015

At Kourtney’s house, Mason plays by a pool unattended, and Kourtney, Khloe and Scott talk about Bruce. Kourtney doesn’t want to talk too much about Bruce’s transition in front of Mason, because she doesn’t quite know how to approach the topic with her kids. Khloe thinks that’s pretty ridiculous. Khloe tells Kourtney and Scott that Kendall was at a comedy show the night before, and a comedian asked about Bruce from the stage. They acknowledge that that’s going to happen a lot, for better or for worse, and this is another reason why Khloe thinks they should talk to Mason sooner rather than later. This was filmed January 22, 2015.

Scene 7: Filmed on January 19, 2015

At Kris Jenner’s house, Kris prepares one waffle.

While she cooks, Bruce arrives to talk about “this whole thing that’s going on.” Bruce wants to clear things up with Kris after hearing rumors she was talking about his transition, so he came directly to the source. Before Bruce even starts a conversation, Kris starts to tear up.

Bruce starts by saying that he doesn’t want to negate any of Kris’ emotions, or diminish any of the memories they’ve shared in the past or will share in the future. Kris listens to Bruce, but says she still doesn’t get this process because he was never fully honest with her. Kris claims she never knew about the hormones, but according to Bruce’s Diane Sawyer interview, she did.

Not one to look like a fool on TV, Kris packs her bags, books two one way tickets, and treats Bruce to a guilt trip. Per Kris’ memories, these conversations, regarding Bruce’s gender identity were never had during their marriage. She claims that he was only upset all the time and told her she would never understand why. Kris says that’s why they got a divorce: not because he wanted to transition, but because he wasn’t honest, which prevented him from being loving. Though Bruce had been on hormones prior to their marriage and Kris knew of his desire to dress like a woman, Kris says she never saw his transition coming in “a gazillion years.”

Bruce apologizes to Kris, if she feels he wasn’t honest enough, and for hurting her. Kris admits that she just misses Bruce, and needs to mourn the relationship. Bruce tells her that things may change, but he’s not going anywhere. He still wants them to be a part of each other’s lives. Kris tells Bruce that the best thing he can do now, is live the happiest life he could ever live, and finally find the peace he’s been searching for. Make it plain, Rev. Kris Jenner, make it plain for the people!!

They conclude their conversation with some “I love yous” and hugs. Like Scene 1’s sit-down with the daughters, and Kim’s visit to Kris in Episode 10, this scene was filmed on January 19, 2015.

Scene 8: Filmed on January 27, 2015

Kim visits Bruce in Malibu, and he is overjoyed to thank her for defending him in the press the previous day. After this little moment, Kim tells Bruce that she is ready to go through Her clothes to see what needs to stay and go. Before even looking at the garments, Kim looks at the sizes and comments on Bruce being a size 14.

Kim gives her top picks and tells Bruce the things he needs to trash. Like she does for North, Kim throws out all the pieces of color in Bruce’s closet. Bruce tells Kim that he stole one of her outfits (bet now you’re upset you told the world he was a size 14, okayyyy), Bruce produces the outfit, and it’s literally a black cotton shirt. Well, Bruce, that’s not an “outfit” that’s a pretty basic “basic.” Kim tells Bruce he can keep it, and puts some outfits together out of his remaining clothes.

Bruce appreciates Kim’s help as his new “stylist” and she tells him it’s not a problem, but don’t go around town calling her his stylist because Kim doesn’t know if She can pull her weight in the wardrobe department just yet. If we were Bruce we wouldn’t be so quick to call Kim our stylist either, because she left these shoes in his closet. This was filmed on January 27, 2015.

If only goodbyes were as sweet as hellos! Luckily for you all, we’ll be back next week for another KUWDiane Sawyer’s Interviewee re-cap on KUWTKE! #WeIntheMFHouse

Mariah Smith is writer and comedic performer who keeps up with the Kardashians. For more Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors click here. You can follow her on twitter @mRiah.

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