It's the reason we're all reading this from a bath of Purell™, the reason we burned all of our clothes, and the reason our moms are so worried about us. It's the reason we've stopped eating poop we find on the train, and the reason we dug a grave to our proportions in the backyard, just in case. It's Ebola, my man, and Anne Hathaway wouldn't shake a journalist's hand because of it, apparently.

Radar reports an Argentinian journalist claims Hathaway refused to shake his hand—because of Ebola, apparently—after interviewing the cast at a screening of her new film Interstellar:

Each one of the film's stars shook Alexis Puig's hand after he interviewed them – everyone except Hathaway, that is. The offended journalist took to Twitter to air his grievances against the Oscar winner.

On Twitter, Puig wrote "Anne Hathaway no me dio la mano 'por miedo al ebola' #soyunperiodistadeltercermundo," or, "Anne Hathaway didn't shake my hand because she was she was 'afraid of ebola' #IAmAThirdWorldJournalist."

It's not clear whether the quotes indicate Anne Hathaway explicitly stated she didn't want to shake hands for fear of catching Ebola—though that is what it seems—or if that is just what the interviewer inferred from her hesitance. Hmm. A Hollywood mystery! He continued Tweeting, from Radar:

Soon after, Puig followed up with a tweet describing how Interstellar's other A-list cast members were more than gracious. Instead of rebuffing the journalist, they embraced him. He tweeted, "Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey y Jessica Chastain estuvieron geniales en las entrevistas (y ninguno me nego la mano) Toma Anne!"

Translation: "Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain were genial in the interviews (and none of them denied me their hands). Take that, Anne!"

Take that, Anne! Puig followed up about the snub once more, saying "Gracias a todos por sus comentarios. Por suerte ya estoy en Buenos Aires, Argentina (ciudad y país libre de Ebola) …y por casa Anne?," or, "Thank you to everyone for your comments. Luckily I'm already in Buenos Aires, Argentina (city and country free of Ebola)…and at home Anne?"


So, did Anne Hathaway really not shake his hand because of Ebola? And if so, was it because he was Argentinian, and Anne thought...that...was Ebola-y? Or is she not shaking any hands? I don't know! The truth is out there, just like the X-Files said, but it isn't in here, just like it sometimes wasn't in the X-Files.

So if you see Anne Hathaway, don't shake her hand—tell her you're not going to shake her hand because you're afraid she has Ebola. Or don't say it and let her infer it? I don't know. Just don't shake her hand!

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