Professional rich person David Geffen is having boy drama again: His 20-year-old ex-boyfriend—who was kicked off his college football team after being spotted macking with the then 69-year-old music mogul—was arrested by police in October for violating the terms of a restraining order.

TMZ reports that Jamie Kuntz is accused "of following, harassing and making a 'credible threat' against the Hollywood big wig sometime between September and November." Kuntz is now facing a felony stalking charge and a minor misdemeanor charge for allegedly disobeying a court order to stay away from Geffen.

The former North Dakota State College of Science student was dismissed from the school's football team in 2012 after he and Geffen were spotted kissing in the press box of a game. (The school contends he wasn't taken off the team because he was gay, but because he lied about the kiss; Kuntz initially told team officials that Geffen was his grandfather.)

Kuntz's lawyers claim there was no stalking and that the whole thing is a big misunderstanding.

[Geffen photo via Getty // Kuntz photo via SB Nation]