It's been a big week for guys who proudly boast a penchant for passion and temper. Veteran talent agent and master of failing upwards, Darren Statt, was recently fired from CAA. This marks the third major agency that has dumped Scottish-born Statt in a little over a decade.

Statt's first stop on the merry-go-round of fuck-ups was a highly publicized incident that took place in 2002, when he was an agent at Endeavor. After arriving at the DreamWorks lot for a meeting (a walkthrough, in industry terms) and finding no one available to meet with him due, probably, to a last minute schedule change, Statt berated an assistant. According to DreamWorks marketing chief Terry Press, the verbal thrashing was so loud "you could hear this guy in every corner of the building." Statt's follow-up bouquet of apology flowers did him no good, and Steven Spielberg himself called the head of Endeavor, Ari Emanuel, and demanded Statt be fired.

Apparently charmed by his Scottish accent and disregard for office place niceties, UTA picked up Ari's sloppy seconds two weeks after Statt was axed. His wholly unremarkable seven-year tenure did include some fun rumors of erratic behavior and anger management issues, but it wasn't until he was literally caught with his pants down, in 2009, that he got the boot for good. Multiple sources report that after he was discovered fucking an assistant in a stairwell after hours, while holding a cup of coffee, Statt was put on notice (and became our new hero - this was pre-Keurig, it took a while to make a cup of coffee back then). When UTA caught wind of him jumping ship to CAA, they fired Statt. Stat.

And now here we are, four years later, and Statt has once again been fired. If anyone is looking for a washed-up talent agent with rage issues, we hear his contract only stipulates unlimited Dunkin Donuts flavored K-cups and his own personal stairwell.