Dan Harmon talks to The Hollywood Reporter in the latest issue and one thing is certain: he’s still a total dick. Fired in May 2012 as the showrunner for Community, Harmon went on a Tumblr rampage against NBC, seemingly burning every possible bridge in town. But he’s now been asked back for the fifth (and most likely final) season of the show, thanks to Harmon’s inexplicably large online fan base as well as star Joel McHale.

Why did Harmon get fired from Community in the first place?

Many say he regularly showed up hours late to work and on one occasion outright disappeared to San Francisco for a few days surrounding the SF Sketchfest comedy festival. A tug of war between his perfectionist tendencies and his procrastinator nature led to table reads being delayed — and, at least twice, canceled — and periodic all-nighters. […] There was his liquor intake, which was substantial enough for Harmon to label himself a "ninja of alcoholism," and his habit of falling asleep during the workday…

But with new writers in charge for the fourth season, the show’s already crummy ratings fell and NBC executives, desperate for viewers—any viewers—were forced to ask Harmon back. Like any alcohol ninja grateful for a second chance, he lovingly explains his current relationship to the show:

"Have you ever had a lover that breaks up with you for a year and then doesn't really tell you why, says that they're not ready for a relationship to make you feel better about getting dumped, and then you see them on Instagram hanging out at the same restaurants?" he says, adding: "When that person comes back and says, 'I miss you, I miss the way your hair smells,' how do you react to that? There's a slight feeling of vindication, but there's also a lot of 'Screw you.' "

This will surely be good for Harmon as he already pleased his bosses with his comment in May where he likened watching season four of the show to "being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach."

Surely he’ll be even sweeter at the Community Comic-Con panel this Sunday.

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