The stars: If only we were able to see what they're doing every second of the day. There are so many moments we miss! Luckily, there are still many moments we catch, like this moment—the moment Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin spent in each other's company on Valentine's Day.

The Daily News reports the two were spotted on February 14th arm-in-arm in Malibu, California, with their children, Walnut (10) and Little Baby Penny (eight). From the Daily News:

The exes seemed more amiable than acrimonious with Paltrow, wearing dark sunglasses, tenderly resting her hand on the shoulder of the Coldplay frontman, who was wearing a cap sporting a smiley face.

Acrimonious. Dark sunglasses. Tenderly resting hand. Cap sporting smiley face. Valentine's Day 2015.

What does it all mean?

Yet another bit of information we're missing, as we lack the ability to consistently monitor all aspects of the lives of celebrities. Maybe someday, my friends.

[image via Getty]