Charlize Theron—an actress known primarily for her SoulCycle feud with Tia Mowry—covers the most recent issue of W Magazine, in which she is interviewed about a variety of deeply personal topics: work, life, how she loves her dogs as much as her son, etc.

“She loves her dogs as much as her son?” you might be thinking. “But one needs a diaper and the other doesn’t!” Well, hear her out, from W Magazine:

They’re all my children. I know people get weirded out when people talk that way about their animals, but love is love and care is care, and just because one needs a diaper and the other does not doesn’t mean you don’t have a deep feeling for them. The loss of some of my dogs has been just as devastating as the loss of a family member.

Damn, looks like she addressed your concern specifically. Who’s the foolish one now? Is it you, saying foolish things about dogs—even though we all love dogs very much, you can be sure—and Charlize’s human child? Is it Charlize Theron, whose dogs presumably are going to pay to put her in a nice retirement home one day, get a good “ruff!” over her head, while she transitions into the (fingers crossed) Tia Mowry-free SoulCycle in the sky? Or is it Charlize’s son Jackson, for ever thinking his mother might love him more than she loves a dog?

It is you.

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