Though the sun has set on summer 2014's most explosive feud—Tia Mowry Vs. Charlize Theron, Re: Being Rude at SoulCycle—the Autumn breeze has blown in a warm little update: Charlize is allegedly still cycling, and allegedly still being super rude about it.

The update comes from In Touch Weekly, who claim to exclusively know the rude scoop via a source at West Hollywood's Crunch gym (not SoulCycle!):

"She always arrives late to class with a scowl on her face and has the nerve to ask people who are already settled on their bikes to switch. She always causes a scene. People know to steer clear of her!"

And you know how difficult it is to steer those stationary bikes. In the alleged words of Charlize Theron: Oh my god.

[image via Getty]