Everything you think about Channing Tatum is probably true. Life is one great performance from start to finish, and Tatum is playing Tatum every single day, right down to the videos it appears he favorites on YouTube: boner jams and muscle bros.

A YouTube user with the same unlikely name as Tatum's newly revealed email—"PoeticalMotion"—has liked only four YouTube videos over the course of seven years. We can't say with complete certainty that this is the same PoeticalMotion, but beyond the fact that these particular videos perfectly match the Channing Tatum ethos, the PoeticalMotion Google+ account is friends with an account apparently belonging to Foxcatcher co-star Marc Ruffalo.

So what is Channing Tatum (probably) streaming?

The Channing Tatum YouTube Playlist

That's it. But if you're Channing Tatum, what else do you need besides sex music and footage of dudes beating on each other? You've captured your essence with only four clicks.

Photo: Getty