This past fall, actress and lifestyle guru Blake Lively found herself inspired by the rich traditions of southern slaveowners. Inspiration has struck Blake's beautiful head again: for Valentine's Day treats, "blue is in," as in "the Blues," as in the historical expression of "injustice and hardship in the African American community" in the deep South. The result: "B's Blueberry Stud Muffins," perfect encapsulations of both Valentine's Day and the abundant contributions to American culture made by people of African descent.

California-born Lively, who wants so much to be a part of the American South's tragically racist history that she was married on a plantation three years ago, introduces the recipe on her site with a post titled "Valentine's Day Blues." She (or whomever she paid to write this for her), begins with a pronouncement and a history lesson; bracketed edits ours:

...It's safe to say pink is out this year—blue is in.

The blues began in the deep South [on plantations], as a means to voice injustice and hardship [like slavery] in the African American community—same place most great American music comes from. It has evolved to influence all kinds of popular music, and inspire many to take respite in good old, down and out, soulful singing. But it's more than music. [True.] It's a lingering mood [of racist subjugation] that we kind of like, especially in the midst of the Valentine's fuss. It's a gardenia tucked behind your ear in tribute [to a time before the Civil Rights Act]. Its lyrics are timeless, but the tunes are like a time capsule brimming with [depression, abject terror, and] a thousand love letters lost. The Blues evoke a time [of sharecropping] and a place [of total inequality] that romances us with nostalgia. Let's go there.

Let's bake some muffins.

The post continues:

And why not? Blue looks good on you, baby. And it tastes good, too. Cozy up with our Best of the Blues playlist and indulge in another distinctly American tradition: A blueberry muffin recipe that offers a sweet escape and a cheesy twist. Ain't nobody's business if you do.

You can buy some of the ingredients and utensils needed to make "B's Blueberry Stud Muffins" right at the bottom of the post, for $168 total. Happy Valentine's Day.

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