Surprisingly, How I Met Your Dad, the sequel to the recently departed hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother that was set to star Greta Gerwig, was not picked up by the network and appears to be dead in the water.

According to Nina Tassler, president of entertainment at CBS, network executives felt like "certain creative elements" of the How I Met Your Dad pilot were not right. Tassler said she spoke to show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (who also created HIMYM) about re-shooting the pilot, but it appears as if the two, as well as the show's producer 20th Century Fox TV, declined.

Tassler says she is "heartsick." Vulture speculates that Bays and Thomas will shop the original pilot around to another network, and Deadline is reporting that it has already received interest elsewhere. Gerwig, at least, has two films slated to be released this year.