After years of stealing all the presents from the children of Whoville (or, well, carriage fees from Time Warner Cable and storylines from The Good Wife), network television Grinch CBS' heart is growing, just in time for the holiday season. The network will be airing two back-to-back episodes of I Love Lucy, remastered in "vintage" color as an appropriately titled "I Love Lucy Christmas Special."

The two episodes CBS is airing are the rarely seen "Christmas Episode," a clip show from season 6 that CBS aired in color during a 1990 re-broadcast, and the wildly popular grape stomping debacle from season 5's "Lucy's Italian Movie."

Proving that Les Moonves' heart really has grown three sizes larger, CBS will air the one-hour special on December 20th as a full-hour episode, with only one one title sequence and one set of credits.

[Image via CBS]