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Cary Joji Fukunaga, a half-Swedish, half-Japanese demi-god sent by Zeus to Los Angeles to work on movies and TV shows, won an Emmy tonight for directing Nic Pizzolatto's shitty True Detective scripts into something watchable. He looked good. He had his long hair in tiny little braids. His jawbone was strong and tan. He thanked his "friends back home watching in New York" (us).

Cary is a good director (his rendition of Jane Eyre is formidable! Also his first job in L.A. was working on the shoot for "Survivor," by Destiny's Child. He probably greatly influenced that video?). He is also extremely attractive. The Women of Twitter were awakened by his presence. And they were made thirsty by it.

Johnny Depp reincarnate, yea or nay?

JSYK, Cary dated Michelle Williams for a hot second in 2011. He looked a lot bro-ier then. Wonder what happened.