Cara Delevingne—British model, Knicks fan, wearer of eyebrows—kissed a "random" fan yesterday. It could have been you! If you were a talented artist and a dedicated stalker, anyway.

According to TMZ, Delevingne planted one on "random artist" Andrew Gonzalez at the launch of her DKNY collection in New York City. Gonzalez presented her with a drawing of her wearing a lion's head, which prompted her to exclaim, "Gimme a kiss. Gimme a kiss! Gimme a kiiiiisssss." Cara Delevingne likes kissing and she doesn't mind doing it in public, ok?

Later, Delevingne ran and straddled Gonzalez. He promised to draw another picture of her that included bacon. (?) She looked happy as a well-paid, famous model with adoring fans.

[Photo via AP]