If you thought our girls would stay together forever, you were reportedly wrong. Our girls have reportedly broken up.

A Page Six source alleges that Cara Delevingne, model who is juuust about ready to transition into acting full-time, or so I read in the Times piece about her this weekend, and St. Vincent, perfect musician, have ended their six-month-or-so relationship. From Page Six:

[Delevingne’s] rep didn’t comment. St. Vincent’s rep said they didn’t know about a split.

But Cara looked happy Saturday at a WSJ Magazine and Forevermark screening of her film “Paper Towns.”

Rumors of the couple’s first split circulated in April, you may remember, and rumors of their getting-back-together circulated shortly after that. Then they were back together for-real-for-real, and now who knows. However, I will tell you that Cara Delevingne just gave St. Vincent a guitar signed by David Bowie, so:

Seems like they both have cool lives regardless, idk.

Image out of which I rudely cropped Mary J. Blige (my apologies, but not now, Mary) via Getty. Contact the author at kelly.conaboy@gawker.com.