This is the first photo from the set of Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic, which finally started filming in January after being bounced from Sony to Universal—the reasons are complicated, but one of them involved a disagreement over which big-name actor should play the Apple founder. As you can see, the answer still hasn't been revealed.

Is Seth Rogen playing Jobs? Don't be silly. Look at those glasses, that outfit, the beard: He's clearly Steve "Woz" Wozniak, the other major player in the birth of Apple Computer Inc. He is perfect for the role.

What about the woman in the left of the frame, near the news van? The clothes are closer, for sure, but Jobs didn't wear glasses as often in those days, so I doubt it. Plus, although casting a female actor as Jobs would be a bold move, we already know Sorkin is against bold casting choices (Asian actors and non-movie-stars, for example). She is almost certainly not playing Steve Jobs.

That leaves the person in white, barely visible behind Wozniak. Jobs in white? Haha yeah right. It's definitely not this guy.

By now you're probably thinking: Maybe Jobs isn't in this scene at all. I considered that too—but then I noticed something that should have been obvious right away. Do you see that hand all the way on the left, holding an object that could be an early iPad prototype made from some kind of paper? Is it possible that is the hand of our fictionalized Steve Jobs?

On another note, it's great to see that talented, extremely handsome actor Michael Fassbender, who looks nothing like Steve Jobs, will make an appearance in the movie. Can't wait to see who he's playing. Probably a model or something, which could get confusing because he's dressed like an early-'80s-era Steve Jobs. Was Wozniak hanging around with debonair male models back then? Guess I'll have to reread the Isaacson book and try to figure it out.

[h/t 9to5Mac, Photo: Motro68]