It’s always nice when couples have common interests, like skiing or manga or believing in fairytales. For example: In 2008, Taylor Swift sang, “I had so many dreams/About you and me/Happy endings/Now I know,” in the ballad “White Horse.” Then, on Thursday, her official boyfriend Calvin Harris visited a Thai massage parlor that—according to Yelp—provides the “best happy endings” in Hollywood.

Radar reports that Calvin Harris—who has said publicly that he loves to spend time with Taylor Swift and vice versa—visited the $40/hour Thai massage parlor on Sunset in Hollywood for “two hours.” So maybe he paid $80 for his time, or maybe he paid more, or maybe he had a Groupon or some other kind of deal. He definitely went, though; pictures of him exiting the parlor looking cheerful can be viewed here.

What’s unclear is why Calvin Harris—a DJ who, amazingly, is worth $110 million—decided to go to a $40/hour massage place on Sunset in the first place. One theory: Radar notes that if you search “best happy ending” in Hollywood on Yelp, this place comes up first in the search results.

This is not to say that the parlor provides “happy endings” for sure; nobody knows that, except maybe Calvin Harris.

Update, 2:04 p.m.: Both Radar and OK! have taken down their posts about Calvin Harris’ trip to the massage parlor. The photos documenting his visit are still available via Splash News. We’ve reached out to Radar for comment and will update if we hear back.

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