After fewer than two years at CAA, fashion agent Mitch Grossbach is already looking to set up camp at a new talent agency - and carting around a hilarious Powerpoint deck to sell himself.

In a document titled "Agency Expansion Opportunity," Grossbach (a self-described "Fashion 'talent' industry veteran") is offering one lucky agency the chance to acquire his department, full of clients that were "chosen carefully based on criteria that has been refined over the past two years." Interesting, given the fact that Grossbach once told Racked, "We're willing to work with, frankly, anyone who's in the fashion space...whether that's a designer or a stylist or a hairstylist or a personality or a blogger or an influencer." Carefully chosen indeed.

The document itself is a consultant's nightmare, filled with random CAPITALIZATIONS, grammatical errors, and inconsistent formatting; but it is also a consultant's wet dream in that it fills seven pages with basically...nothing. It's nearly seven pages of air.

So what can you look forward to if you take on Grossbach and his team?

  • "Numerous financial investment and new business and brand development opportunities "
  • "A complete business plan [...] developed to capitalize on the aforementioned investment opportunities"
  • "Significant revenue"

Sounds like real groundbreaking stuff. (The document is posted in its entirety below.)

What remains unclear is why Grossbach, who represents clients Rachel Zoe and Derek Lam, is trying to leave CAA—the largest talent agency in town, and one that has also owned a stake in luxury apparel companies like J Brand jeans. This remains especially curious given the fact that by Grossbach's estimates, his department is currently "on pace to grow 200% over our previous Fiscal Year."

As of now, we hear that both WME and ICM have passed on this revolutionary expansion opportunity. We reached out to Grossbach for comment and have yet to hear back.

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