This post is not about what you think would be the worst way to die. This post is about what I think would be the worst way to die, which is this: burning to death at Tahj Mowry’s Halloween party while dressed as an alpaca.

This is not a situation I have created in my own mind. This is something that almost happened to *clicks over a tab* Jean-Luc Bilodeau, 24, star of the ABC Family sitcom Baby Daddy (hmm?). I now cede the floor to TMZ:

‘Baby Daddy’ star Jean-Luc Bilodeau had to be rushed to a hospital after his Halloween costume went up in flames in the middle of a party.

Sources confirm Bilodeau was at costar Tahj Mowry’s party Saturday night when his alpaca costume — made out of cotton balls and lycra — caught fire. Paramedics transported the ABC Family star to a nearby hospital to get treatment for burns on his arms and legs.

Bilodeau is expected to make a full recovery, as is the house of Tahj Mowry, which is no longer under threat of being haunted by the ghost of an ABC Family star who burned to death while dressed as an alpaca.

I ask that all stars of ABC Family sitcoms remember to be extra safe this Halloween.

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