Us Weekly reports that Britney Spears and her boyfriend, whoever, recently "forgot" to pay a $30 Cheesecake Factory bill, after enjoying an appetizer and salad. Hmmm.

Here's Us Weekly with the full story, and please pay close attention to the Spears's all-too-telling bodyguard excuse:

Spears, 32, and her beau reportedly had lunch at the chain restaurant, but forgot to pay the $30 bill for an appetizer and salad. It turned out to be a simple mix up though — the "Ooh La La" singer and her bodyguard both thought that the other had paid.

Spears' people told TMZ she felt "horrible" about the mistake — but quickly made up for it. Instead of the typical 15 percent or 20 percent tip, the waitress received $100 for all the trouble.

Honest mistake, intentional theft, or passive aggressive argument with her boyfriend about who was going to pay for the app and salad—each party thinking that they pay more often than the other party, and that the other party should definitely pick up this check? Let's head to our exclusive/created out of whole cloth transcript of the conversation leading up to the dash for a bit more insight:

Britney Spears: Oh, thanks for lunch!

Boyfriend: Oh, please. It was my pleasure! Thank you!

Britney Spears: I mean. You don't have to thank me for anything. Right? Or—

Boyfriend: Oh, come on. Hun, I'll never take you for granted.

Britney Spears: My company, or—

Boyfriend: All of it.

Britney Spears: OK. So. We're good to leave then?

Boyfriend: I'm ready if you are. You're good, right?

Britney Spears: I mean. I'm good, yeah.

Boyfriend: Well, I know I'm all set, so let's get out of here.

Britney Spears: OK.

Boyfriend: Yep.

Hmm. You be the judge, I guess!

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