You know that drunk uncle that shows up at Thanksgiving, sloppy, covered in snow, and while once cool, is now a general embarrassment to everyone? That's Brian Grazer. Except that the Thanksgiving dinner is Ron Howard's, the snow is "snow" (because this is Los Angeles and it's still 80 degrees even in November), and actually, no one ever thought Brian Grazer was cool, except for Brian Grazer.

Where were we? Oh right. Grazer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Uncle Brian was wildly scrolling through his Instagram feed like it was a Price Is Right big wheel and he was fighting for a spot on the Showcase Showdown, when he stumbled across something even better than a new Jeep Wrangler filled with crystal stemware: a painting on artist Takashi Murakami's Instagram. Noted collector that he is, Grazer reached out to his art broker, who in turn reached out to Murakami, to see if the painting was perhaps for sale, and an entirely professional purchase was transacted.

Just kidding! It's Uncle Brian after all, so he left a comment on Murakami's Instagram inquiring about it ("How many bags of coke can I trade you for this?"). In turn, Murukami responded with two emoji: sadly, not the blood-soaked dagger and flexed bicep that are Grazer's favorite, but a heart and a smiley face. Grazer took this to mean the sale was final, because in Uncle Brian's world, currency is worthless, but a heart and a smile? That's the best payment of all.