HBO has released another trailer for a criminally underrated show that you might not have had a chance to check out yet; Rich Kids who don't know how to read books are now getting their own book; Jon Hamm may not be a child-abandoning, Xenu-eschewing nutbag, but his newest trailer shows that he still ain't no Tom Cruise; Jennifer Lawrence continues her quiet campaign of world domination.

  • The second trailer for the new season of Girls is here, and Shoshanna says what we're all thinking "It's really amazing that all three of you have accomplished so little in the four years since college." Preach, sister. Preach. [YouTube]
  • The only thing set to be less watchable than Girls in 2014 was E!'s upcoming reality show, Rich Kids of Instagram, based on the worst Tumblr in existence with the same name. In case that only made you want to stab one eye out, feel free to sacrifice the other after erading this: there is going to be a Rich Kids of Instagram book. The creator promises that it will involve some semblance of words and sentences. Maybe. [The Daily Dot]
  • Jon Hamm attempts his finest Tom Cruise in the opening moments of the trailer for Disney's Million Dollar Arm, after he gets fired from his sports agency, which serves as the impetus to find himself via the most unlikely of clients. Also, Indians and stuff. [YouTube]
  • We have reached Jennifer Lawrence fever pitch, have we not? I get it, she's all wonderful, and normal, and eats burgers and loves butt plugs, but Associated Press' Entertainer of the Year being awarded to her seems like a desperate ploy for every reporter to just become her friend. Play it cool guys, play it cool. [EW]

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