Katy Perry has incurred the wrath of her former supporters at PETA; SNL Weekend Update will be hosted by the girl hawking Moey Chambam; and Aaron Paul is having more fun than everyone else ever.

  • Cecily Strong will be joining Seth Meyers at the Weekend Update desk this fall on SNL, and not just as a permanent "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party." [NYT]
  • Gabrielle Carteris is heavily campaigning in a last minute bid to become the mayor of New York City. JK she's campaigning for the far more important role of SAG-AFTRA EVP. This sounds like exactly the type of thing Andrea Zuckerman would run for. [Deadline]
  • Aaron Paul had Boise residents running all around town screaming out 'Bitch!' in hopes of tickets to his Breaking Bad screening. Tourette's for everybody! [Uproxx]
  • PETA has turned on Katy Perry for her use of animals in her "Roar" video, despite once being a strong supporter of her boobs and vegetarian lifestyle. Guess someone's got a paint bomb coming their way soon. [Variety]

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