Looks like the Hannah-Marnie frenemies storyline really is art imitating life; Kerry Washington reminds us that being Olivia Pope isn't our aspirational dream, being Kerry Washington is; Connie Britton's hair is ready to play evil instead of good; and Time Warner Cable is even worse than it was before.

  • If Lena Dunham had her way, Marnie would have been played by her real-life BFF Audrey Gelman instead of Allison Williams. Page Six reports that "producers" wanted Gelman, but she wanted to focus on her non-acting job of being spokesperson for NYC comptroller candidate Scott Stringer. Because it makes perfect sense for the "producers" of a hot show on one of the most critically acclaimed networks on television to want to hire a non-actress whose only IMDB credits are short films Dunham starred in. [Page Six]
  • Consummate goddess Kerry Washington doesn't mind that lesbian rumors (coupled with her staunch silence on her personal life and marriage to NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asoghuma) swirl around her because "there's nothing offensive about it, so there's no reason to be offended." We just got Poped. [Advocate]
  • Other consummate goddess Connie Britton wants back on American Horror Story, in addition to her starring role on Nashville. Which we are all for because the only thing that could make what is easily the best installment of AHS even better is Tami Taylor's honey-drizzled lilt actually hiding a shit ton of evil. [Rolling Stone]
  • Time Warner Cable lost 306,000 cable subscribers during its three-month long dispute with CBS, but on the bright side, my DVR box finally got an upgrade in its software so I no longer have to cancel my service and be one of those annoying hipsters who brags about "not having cable." [THR]

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