The Entourage movie might cast Kate Upton, because, obviously; The Wahlberg brothers are turning to reality television, because it worked out so well for Clint Eastwood; Alec Baldwin is not a good news show host; and Brad Pitt's Fury has invoked that reaction from the Brits.

  • In the most Kate Uptoniest Kate Upton news of the day, the blonde bombshell is being considered to play Adrian Grenier's love interest (read: girl he makes seven seconds of bedroom eyes at, before banging in a public restroom). [TheWrap]
  • And in the most Wahlbergiest news of the day, Mark Wahlberg and Donny Wahlberg will be starring in an A+E reality series about how to make your Boston accent thicker with each passing year, despite no longer living in Boston. Also, about their burger restaurant or something. [THR]
  • Cue the angry voicemails, this time to his producers. Alec Baldwin's Up Late With Alec Baldwisn on MSNBC is tanking in the ratings. [Deadline]
  • Director David Ayer, who is currently working on the Brad Pitt film Fury, issued an apology for shooting war scenes with Nazi-uniform clad extras on England's Remembrance Day—the British equivalent of Veteran's Day. [THR]

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