On Thursday, Sayreville, N.J. native John “Jon Bon Jovi” Bongiovi, Jr. was given an honorary degree at the Camden campus of Rutgers University. John Bongiovi, Jr. is now an Honorary Doctor of Letters for his work in philanthropy. To show off a bit of that philanthropic skill he’s known for, Bon Jovi came bearing a gift.

The gift of song, that is!

As new college grads sit and wonder, “How will I ever pay off the loans that I have amassed from taking several pass/fail philosophy classes and hitting the bong nightly at Troy’s?” Bon Jovi reminds them that all you need in this life is a little bit of music to get by. Paper money and gold coins, these are the ruiners of men.

The new Bon Jovi song, which was met with tepid applause, as surely many of the new grads expected Bon Jovi to shower them with oversize checks made out to “Mr. Hotshot Graduation,” is called “Reunion.” Here are some lyrics from the chorus:

Write your songs
Sing along
Love your life

Learn to laugh
Dare to dance
Touch the sky

This gift cannot be returned or exchanged.

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