Justin Bieber has heard claims that his muscles are kinda weak and his happy trail isn't full and his dick isn't humungous, and to that he has one response, as sent from some sort of bathroom that has at least four sinks: "Photoshop lol."

The above image comes from Bieber's Instagram, and is in the vein of his memorable response to reports he tussled with actor Orlando Bloom at an Italian restaurant in Ibiza. After that story broke, Bieber posted a photo of Orlando Bloom weeping to his Instagram account.

There has been some debate over whether Bieber's most recent pictorial statement—which may not have been shopped but does bare the unmistakable marks of an Instagram filter—is intended as a rebuttal to recent rumors regarding the alleged Photoshop of his torso or the alleged Photoshop of his package. Though Bieber staged his portrait in the bathroom—wearing only a towel—there is really only the slightest hint of dick in this photo, and it does not indicate that Bieber is packing a party sub.

In any event, Justin Bieber is muscular. Let's all acknowledge this. He also has the hair and mustache of a drifter from 1994

[image via Instagram]