The Beyhive, Beyoncé’s legion of buzzing, loyal fans woke up like this: excited for the Queen Bey’s heavily-promoted “big announcement” on Good Morning America. “Beyonce has something amazing that she wants you to know,” the dramatic promo promised. “So what is it?”


Here’s the big secret: Bey wants you to eat more vegetables, like she does. In the GMA segment—which she did not even go to the studio for—Beyoncé stands on a roof and explains that her vegan diet really works. The vegan diet that she announced to her fans two months ago. None of this is new.

And now the beyhive has turned into an angry hornet’s nest.

Fans have now taken protesting by posting non-vegan food emojis in the comments of Bey’s Instagram photos.

Beyoncé, you are going to have to drop an album or a baby tomorrow for people to forgive you.

Or at least, most people. A few select superfans—the inner sanctum of the Beyhive, if you will—predicted last night that Bey’s announcement would be no surprise.

World stop—carry on.

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