Shia LaBeouf is on fire lately: stealing words, apologizing, renting planes, apologizing again, trying to make profound commentary about intellectual property but instead making commentary on actors lacking intellect. Now, in the hope of not being forgotten, he's gone ahead and borrowed from Kanye's 2009 apology to Taylor Swift:

This is after his weekend Twitter feud with Lena Dunham in which she called him out for the skywriting incident. He responded to her accusations with words from one of her own apologies:

The sad part about this whole shitshow is that some people are buying into the hype and labeling LaBeouf's work as genius. A recent TechDirt article even claims LaBeouf "is creating something new, unique and interesting, even as he's plagiarizing others, even to the point of talking about outdated copyright laws."

So now we're supposed to believe Shia LaBeouf is a real 21st century Robin Hood, stealing words from famous people in exchange for some needed conversations on outdated copyright laws? Please. He should really apologize next for tricking people into thinking he's much smarter than he actually is.