Big Sean and Lil' Ariana Grande confirmed their PG romance this week by making out on a roller coaster—the Revenge of the Mummy on Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Hollywood, to be exact. Spooky! Good thing they had each other if they got scared.

In addition to their roller coaster makeout, they also held hands.

The two have been rumored to be in a relationship since this summer when Big Sean broke off his engagement to Glee star Naya Riviera and Ariana broke up with a YouTube vlog star (thank god).

If you need more confirmation than a roller coaster photo—who are you? the cops?—take it from a "source" close to the couple. This source told

They wanted to let everyone know that they are, in fact, together.

So there.

In other news, Ariana let her signature (fake) hair down.

[Photo via AP]