I'm not sure why we're just hearing about this now, but E! News reports that former lovers John Mayer and Katy Perry had dinner together on April 4th. At the "brand-new West Hollywood hot spot Ysabel," no less. According to an eyewitness, they held hands.

From where I'm standing, it looks like the two—who dated in 2013, broke up, and reportedly started going on dates again this year—are together. But lo, one month ago, E! News reported that John Mayer and Katy Perry were "donezo." Mayer reportedly told his friends that he and Perry were "over for good."

So what's up with the hand holding on April 4th? E! reports:

The pair, who were joined by another couple for the outing, engaged in some PDA by acting very cozy with one another and holding hands throughout the night, an insider tells E! News. The source also adds that they "definitely" looked back together.

Definitely, maybe, who knows! It's pretty crazy that we don't know.

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