Anthony Bourdain, my one true love, will be opening a mega market in New York City this year. Bourdain, an engraved copper thumb ring encircling my heart, has named the market Bourdain Market. Bourdain Market, the place where I have directed a U-Haul to drop off all my furniture and personal effects, cannot open soon enough.

In the Wall Street Journal, Bourdain discussed his new venture. It sounds like a nightmare wrapped in the plastic packaging from a carton of bootleg Taiwanese cigarettes. But maybe it'll be fun, fun like a boatride down the bayou with a cold bottle of beer in one hand and a bowl of gumbo in your lap. It could be confusing to navigate, though . . . confusing like a very tall man who eats a lot of messy foods while wearing white shirts . . . perplexing to behold.

Via the WSJ:

Named Bourdain Market, it will be based on the popular open-market hawker centers in Singapore, which carry a wide variety of inexpensive food in a communal dining hall. "Jason was pretty much the first person I thought of," says Bourdain. "It will be fast and accessible foods, with hundreds of options. You can have roast goose; I can have beefrendang." With that, a bowl of spicy lamb noodles emerges. Bourdain rubs his hands together. "Oh, this is going to be good."

The story in the Journal is about Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods in Queens, and how Bourdain's angelic, longfingered touch brought Wang's business out of local obscurity. Bourdain has been "quietly courting" Wang to bring Xi'an Famous Foods into the mix at Bourdain Market. And as Bourdain says, "You can have roast goose" (me) and "I can have beefrendang" (him). Sounds like he's also quietly courting me, the writer of this story.

According to Eater, Bourdain Market will have 40 to 50 stalls, which means 40 to 50 options for where Bourdain could be hiding on any given day of the week. The location is still under wraps, but that doesn't mean I'll stop looking.

[Image via AP]