Katy Perry finger-banged Anna Kendrick Sunday night and she liked it. Or so said Kendrick on Tuesday night's Conan.

The Pitch Perfect star sat down with Conan O'Brien and described her encounter with Perry at the Grammys. "Katy Perry finger-banged my cleavage. It was a weird night," Kendrick said. "She's very mature."

She attributed Perry's loving gesture to her risqué dress, "I was kind of asking for it," Kendrick explained. "If nobody had done it I would've been a little sad." She also added that she's met Perry before, "and she's aggressive. I like it."

Well then.

Kendrick also met up with Beyonce and Jared Leto on Grammy night, but she didn't admit to getting diddled by either of them. Did Jared Leto also finger-blast Anna Kendrick at the Grammys? The only real answer is "maybe," but the fingering vibes in this picture seem strong:

Kendrick's morning-after shame Tweet also seems like a suspicious clue:

Here is the only adorable finger-banging story you've ever heard:

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