Australia is really not kidding around—they’ve charged Amber Heard with the illegal importation of Johnny Depp’s dogs, meaning she could, technically, face up to 10 years in an Australian prison.

Officials somehow discovered in May that Depp, who’s shooting a film in the outback, and Heard (who was visiting?) had snuck their two Yorkshire terriers into the country without quarantining them. At the time, the government gave the spooky couple the option of removing their animals from the country or watching them die.

They apparently took the dogs home post-haste, but long arm of the law didn’t stop there. The details, via the AP:

Heard was issued a summons to appear in a Queensland court on Sept. 7. Her lawyers could petition the court to appear on her behalf, but given the seriousness of the charge, it’s likely she’ll need to appear in person, particularly if she is in Australia at that time, said Bill Potts, a criminal defense attorney based in the Queensland capital, Brisbane.

Even if she is convicted, Heard is unlikely to face a lengthy jail term since the dogs were flown back to the U.S. before a 72-hour deadline, Potts said.

“The seriousness of the offense is not whether two little puppies — who look like they could give you a nasty nip on the ankle — are dreadful animals, it’s about the risk to biosecurity,” Potts said. “Was there a risk? Potentially, but not actually. And I’m sure the court will take all of those things into account.”

The real question here, of course, is Was it worth it, marrying Johnny Depp? and unless you like jail, I’d say the answer is maybe not?

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