Adele never had a drinking problem. She just got drunk and tweeted so often that her management decided it would be better if she had to clear all her tweets with two different handlers first. See? No problem!

The 19, 21, and 25 singer, who is 27, recently described her affinity for the tipsy tweet in a BBC fan Q&A, where she was asked: “Rumor has it, you’re not allowed access to your own Twitter account?”

Rumor has it right, according to Adele.

“I’m not a drinker anymore, but when Twitter first came out, I was like, ‘You’re drunk tweeting,’ and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times. So my management decided, ‘You have to go through, like, two people, and it has to be signed off by someone.,’” she said, laughing.

“They’re all my tweets, though. No one writes them for me.”

She didn’t say what inadvisable thing she posted that finally got her cut off.

Adele’s been on Twitter since August 2010, and told Vogue she gave up drinking cold turkey in May 2011:

“Don’t like drinking anymore,” she says in an accent that falls somewhere between Eliza Doolittle and David Beckham. “I think I got it out of my system. D’yaknowhaImean?”

That leaves less than a year where she could have tweeted (and possibly deleted?) something she shouldn’t have.

During the same period, she also wrote much of her best album, 21, based on notes she kept in her “drunk diary,” so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

[h/t Pitchfork, Photo: Getty Images]