Yesterday, A$AP Ferg released a video for his single, "Dope Walk," in which Ferg cribs to having a meaner walk than British supermodel Cara Delevingne, who serves as video co-star. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he does not know how to spell that gal's name.

Ferg rings up Ciara Dengiltine, his close friend, on FaceTime, like you would your mom or your brother or someone less cool and interesting. And just like you would, if you were cool enough to have Kara's name in your phone book, he's spelled it wrong. In his defense, the first "n" in Churro Denvernine's name is useless and should be stricken from the books.

Ferg's video shows scenes from his version of Fashion Week, and with cameos by Kanye, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Haim (including the amazing gif below), it sounds like Kara Devileggé will be the one apologizing to Ferg—for being embarrassingly less dope.

You can watch the complete video for "Dope Walk" by A$AP Ferg featuring Qara Dumbledine here: