It appears that while I was on vacation last week, Kristin Cavallari decided to surreptitiously change the title of her forthcoming memoir, like I would not notice.

The tome, which Kristin promises will cover “really just everything in my life,” is due out in 407 days, and has been advertised for months as Balancing on Heels. A questionable title for a book composed in English, perhaps, but that was Kristin’s choice. When she announced to E! News in January that she was writing a book, she explained:

It’s called Balancing on Heels. Because it’s sort of how I balance everything in my life.

And when she posted on Instagram about working on the book in March, she wrote:

Working away...can’t wait for u guys to read Balancing On Heels [thumbs up emoji].

Balancing on Heels. By Kristin! This is what we’ve been told. Even just weeks ago, Kristin posted a photo on Instagram with this caption:

Just perfected these almond butter cookies. Recipe is going in my book, Balancing On Heels [thumbs up emoji].

But Kristin will balance on heels no more.

What’s she calling her teen vampire novel now, you ask? Thumbs Up Emoji? Balancing on Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry Heels? My Shuffle?

Kristin casually revealed the new title in an Instagram post dated April 18, 2015 (Day 83 of 500).

After ostensibly perusing a list of common prepositions, she captioned the photo below, “Peanut butter chocolate chip cashew ice cream. Yes, it’s ice cream made from cashews and u would never know the difference. Jax can’t get enough! Recipe will be in Balancing In Heels[emphasis added].

It’s Kristin, not Kriston.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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